Workshops are one-off speciality classes that will address a specific skill set, topic, or style of dance and typically run between one-and-a-half to two hours. Workshops may be run by inhouse instructors or guest instructors who are visiting the studio and are a fantastic way to try out a new style or get some extra practice in. Symmetry Dance & Fitness has a wide range of workshops to suit everyone.

Pole Dance Workshops


What’s the latest trick that every pole dancer on your Instagram feed is doing? What is the newest craze in combos? How do they do that cute little flippy thing?! Learn the latest tricks and transitions in this workshop that focuses on whatever the current #trending flavour-of-the-month moves might be!

Suitable for Advanced level students and above.

Dance Movement

Flow, roll and glide around and between poles in this dance-based workshop. Learn a whole routine incorporating pole moves, floorwork, and attention-grabbing movement then dance it through several times for an epic dance workout.

Suitable for current inter-prep students and above.

Exotic Pole

Love the sexy side of pole dance? You will adore this workshop! Learn a fullychoreographed exotic pole routine, complete with sexy pole moves and floorwork. Let us teach you how to embrace your inner seductress.

Suitable for – Anyone who has completed Fundamentals or equivalent at least once and above

Inverts and leg hangs

Whether you are still trying to nail a solid inverted straddle or are looking to get a sneaky head-start on aerial inverts, this workshop is for you. You will get assistance with your technique and drills to help strengthen and improve your inverts and leg hangs, with a few tricks and transitions thrown in for good measure. Life looks better upside down

Suitable for – Current Inter-Prep students to Advanced