Membership Structure and Benefits

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Casual class pricing options 



What are your membership terms and conditions?

  • Please click here to see our membership terms and conditions.

Do you have separate memberships for pole and Pilates? How do the session passes work?

  • All session passes are able to be used for all of our regular classes. This means that when you buy a session, or take up a membership, you can use your sessions towards pole OR Pilates (or any of our other, non-pole, regular classes) - whatever suits you best. We like to keep things simple!

What is your cancellation policy for classes? What happens if I late-cancel?

  • For regular classes (both in-person and virtual), we have an eight-hour cancellation policy.
  • For privates, studio hire, and most workshops, we have a 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • For functions, there is a seven-day cancellation policy.
  • Other specialty events may have individualised cancellation policies. This will be included in the booking and receipt notes.
  • Cancellation outside of the policy window will have no penalty. For classes, studio hire, and/or workshops, the session will be added back to your account for use towards a future session. For functions or guest-instructor workshops, the full amount can be kept as credit, or a refund may be obtained, however, this will be subject to an administration fee.
  • Cancellation inside of the policy window will incur a penalty. For classes, studio hire, and/or workshops, the session will be forfeited. For functions, cancellation with more than 48-hours notice but less than seven days notice will be subject to 50% of the full amount owed. Cancellation with less than 48-hours notice will be subject to 100% of the full amount owed.

What if I had a medical reason for my cancellation?

  • We are always happy to provide a credit if you are able to provide supporting medical documentation that covers your cancellation.
  • Refunds will only be issued in exceptional circumstances (eg. serious medical incidence where the client will not be able to take advantage of a credit in the future).
  • Session credits are subject to normal expiration dates. Payment credits do not expire.

I can\'t make my class this week. What happens to my session?

  • All of our regular class sessions have a 30-day expiration period. This means that if you cannot make a class one week, you can just make it up sometime in the following weeks. So even if you have a two-class-per-week membership, it\'s okay if you cannot always attend two classes. You\'ll just get the opportunity to do three classes another week!
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