Our pole terms run for eight weeks at a time and we have six terms per year. When you enrol in a course, you are enrolling in one-hour per week for eight weeks. These are our different levels…

Fundamentals of Pole Dance

Your first step towards becoming a bona fide pole dancer! Introduction to Pole Dancing is designed to get you started on your journey by introducing you to the basics of pole dancing including grips, tricks and spins on a static pole. Worried you aren’t fit enough to start pole dancing? Don’t be! This course will help you build the strength and fitness you require, regardless of your current level of fitness.

Intermediate Prep

This course is specifically designed to build on the strength and techniques learned in Fundamentals of Pole Dancing while revising many of the tricks you have already learnt – however now you’ll be doing them on a spinning pole! You will also start working on perfecting those inverts from the ground and we bet you will be confident hanging around upside-down in no time


Now that you’ve built up your strength and have a bundle of tricks you can do from the floor under your belt, it is time to start working on some tricks up the pole! In this course you will also begin to work on combinations of tricks; your endurance and strength will be challenged and improved.

Advanced Prep

By now you’re confident with inverting on both sides and your endurance for combos is getting pretty good. Time to step it up! In Advanced Prep we will be doing some serious strength work including aerial inverts and longer combinations of tricks. Expect to see huge leaps in your strength!


Pull up those big girl panties, things are getting serious. You’ve worked hard to get to get to Advanced and we want you to keep it up! Shoulder mounts, static-V holds and brass monkeys are all introduced in this level – it’s a big one but oh so much fun!

Elite prep

This is the final structured level in our curriculum, the aim of which is to get you as strong and fit as possible while adding yet more tricks and combinations to your personal tool kit. In Elite Prep you will do a lot of work on handsprings, aerial shoulder mounts and some epic combos to really test your endurance. We know you’ll relish the challenge!


You’ve nailed everything we’ve thrown at you from the basics right through to our most advanced course work. What next? Elite, of course! Elite is a less-structured level, allowing for exploration of new tricks and for students to request things they would like to be taught. This level will allow you to add a wide range of tricks and transitions to your repertoire and you’ll never get bored as there is always something new to learn!

Composite levels

Composite levels are a combination of two levels (ie. Advanced Composite would be a composite of Advanced Prep and Advanced). These levels are generally tricks based and designed to allow participants to work at their individual levels, challenging those that may be at a higher level without leaving anyone behind.