Our yoga classes are designed for all levels and abilities, from the experienced yogi right through to the first timer. Yoga has amazing physical and psychological benefits and is fantastic for both pole dancers and non-pole dancers alike. Our instructors practice an active style of yoga that appeals to wide range of clients. Why not come down and try it out today?

Suitable for: Everyone – no previous experience required

Try me!

Worried that pole dancing might not be for you? Let us change your mind! Come along to Try Me!, our casual drop-in course designed to introduce you to the basics of pole dance and give you a little taste of what our courses are like. We’re sure you’ll love it. In fact, if you’re new to Symmetry and you decide to sign up for an 8-week pole course on the day you do your first Try Me! class, we’ll even credit the value of the class towards your course. Nothing to lose, everything to gain! Why not give it a go and see?

Suitable for: Those who have never done pole dancing but want to see why the rest of us love it so much!


Do you love to dance? This is the class for you! During this class you will learn an entire song of choreography and then dance it through from start to finish. It’s a fantastic cardio workout that is oh so much more fun than the treadmill – this is one you’ll want to do over and over again!

Suitable for: Intermediate prep to Elite

Strong & flexy

By now you may have realised that core strength and a bit of flexibility go a long way towards achieving many tricks in pole dancing. This class combines a great, core-focused workout with yoga-inspired flexibility training, designed to get you strong, lean and actively-flexy.

Suitable for: Everyone – no previous fitness or dance experience required

Pole Fit

A pole-specific strengthening class that aims to increase your strength, endurance and flexibility to make you a stronger pole dancer overall. This class does utilise the poles as exercise equipment however no previous pole dance experience is required.

Suitable for: Everyone – no previous fitness or dance experience required

Baby Got Back

A booty-building, back strengthening workout designed to get your legs, butt and back in to gear! Work on leg, core and back building exercises and finish it all off with a stretch session to cool down. Great for pole dancers and non-pole dancers alike. Suitable for all levels, no fitness experience required.

Suitable for: Everyone – no previous fitness or dance experience required